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public 40 (2009): Screens 17 Days in Beijing: Screen of Consciousness on the Micropolitical Details   PDF
Elaine W. Ho, Sean Smith
public 40 (2009): Screens 2009 Istanbul Biennial Details   PDF
Deborah Root
public 34 (2006): d:\personal 360° Details   PDF
Caitlin Fisher
public 18 (1999): Light 4 Texts about Light Details   PDF
Nelson Henricks
public 40 (2009): Screens 53rd Venice Biennale Details   PDF
Christopher Eamon
public 25 (2002): Experimentalism 9/11, Critiwue, and Avant-Garde Film Details   PDF
Scott MacDonald
public 19 (2000): Lexicon 20th Cetury AD Vol 1 A Abstract   PDF
Christine Davis
public 28 (2003): Satan Oscillates my Metallic Sonatas A Bustle in Your Hedgerow: Long Beach, Led Zeppelin and the West Coast Sublime Details   PDF
Peter Culley
public 33 (2006): Errata A Chapter of Accidents Details   PDF
Steve McCaffery
Public 14 (1996): Quebec A Delicate Rupture Details   PDF
Susan Douglas
public 25 (2002): Experimentalism A Letter to Our Shareholders Details   PDF
Michelle Kasprzak
Public 14 (1996): Quebec A Line in the Snow: Visualizing Borders Imaginary and Real Details   PDF
Scott MacKenzie
public 17 (1998): Talk A Morning in the Life of Intelligent People Details   PDF
Nicholas Mosley
public 25 (2002): Experimentalism A Muted Trumpet from Afar: Ruminations on the Cinematic Avant-Garde Details   PDF
Peter Harcourt
public 37 (2008): Public? A New Civic Culture? Details   PDF
David Holloway
public 29 (2004): New Localities A New Role for Cities? An interview with Jane Jacobs Details   PDF
Charles Finley
Public 8 (1993): The Ethics of Enactment A Note on the Failure of Man's Custodianship Details   PDF
Avital Ronell
Public 14 (1996): Quebec A Post Referendum Exchange Details   PDF
Julian Samuel, Fred A. Reed
public 2 (1989): The Lunatic of One Idea A Vehicle for the Urban Nomads Details   PDF
Krzysztof Wodiczko, David Lurie
public 17 (1998): Talk A conversation between Henrik Håkansson and Terry R. Myers Details   PDF
public 3 (1990): Carnal Knowledge AIDS as a Globalizing Panic Details   PDF
John O'Neill
public 22-23 (2001): Cities/Scenes Adiaphora: The New Culture of Russians and Eastern Jews in Berlin Details   PDF
Brian Poole
public 37 (2008): Public? Aesthetic Challenges for Cognition in the Public Sphere Details   PDF
Martin Morris
public 24 (2002): Being on Time Afterword Details   PDF
Janine Marchessault
public 33 (2006): Errata Aleatory Writing: Notes Toward a Poetics of Chance Details   PDF
Christian Bok
public 9 (1994): Reading our Rights Alice James and the Right to Death Details   PDF
Deborah Esch
public 25 (2002): Experimentalism Alternative Scenario: History of the Refused Details   PDF
Abigail Child
public 37 (2008): Public? An Amorous Example: From Virgil to Berlioz Details   PDF
Alain Badiou
public 2 (1989): The Lunatic of One Idea An Erotics of Space Details   PDF
Janine Marchessault
Public 26 (2002): Nature An Evil Quarrel Details   PDF
Lisa Robertson
public 9 (1994): Reading our Rights An Interview with Jeff Wall Details   PDF
Mark Lewis
public 22-23 (2001): Cities/Scenes An Interview with Wajdi Mouawad Details   PDF
Jean-François Côté
public 37 (2008): Public? An open Letter to Prime Minister Harper Details   PDF
Wajdi Mouawad
public 21 (2001): Childhood Annie Tikivik, Mary Korgak, and Surusimitug Michael Details   PDF
Jennifer Kennedy
public 24 (2002): Being on Time Art Has Always Been Virtual Details   PDF
Ron Burnett
public 41 (2010): Gardens Art on Trial: The Performativity of Guilt Details   PDF
Erin McLeod
public 24 (2002): Being on Time Artifice and Education: Re-mediating Curriculum Details   PDF
Chloe Brushwood Rose
public 42 (2010): Traces Artwork, Aesthetics and Public Memorization Details   PDF
Roger I. Simon
public 24 (2002): Being on Time As Details   PDF
Sean Cubitt
public 11 (1995): Throughput Asleep in the Storehouse of Culture: The McLuhan Conference and the Technologies of Remebering Details   PDF
Kevin Dowler
public 40 (2009): Screens At the Margins of Cinema History: Mobile Cinema in the British Empire Details   PDF
Zoë Druick
public 22-23 (2001): Cities/Scenes At the Scene of the Crossroads, "Somewhere in this Silvered City:" Diasporic Public Spheres in Toronto Details   PDF
Jenny Burnam
public 34 (2006): d:\personal Augmenting Digital and Analog Memory Details   PDF
Helen Papagiannis
public 36 (2007): Emergency Austerity Measures Details   PDF
Kenneth Hayes
Public 16 (1997): Entangled Territories Authorizing Access/Sustaining Desire: Monagu's Visible Harem Details   PDF
Narin Hassan
public 29 (2004): New Localities Awaiting Disaster: Olafur Eliasson's "The Weather Project" Details   PDF
Saara Liinamaa
public 19 (2000): Lexicon 20th Cetury AD Vol 1 B Abstract   PDF
Christine Davis
public 25 (2002): Experimentalism Bear Assumptions: Notes on Experimentalism Details   PDF
Gary Kibbins
public 9 (1994): Reading our Rights Being Out in Public: Questions of Praxis and Representation Details   PDF
George Baird
public 24 (2002): Being on Time Being on TIme Details   PDF
Chloe Brushwood Rose, Caitlin Fisher, Marc Piccinato, Sarah Robayo Sheridan
public 28 (2003): Satan Oscillates my Metallic Sonatas Belfast Tinsel: Letters to Gerald Details   PDF
Philip McCrum
public 11 (1995): Throughput Between Magic and the Algorithmic Image Details   PDF
Yoshitomo Morioka
public 10 (1994): Love Beyond Eurocentrism and Multiculturalism Details   PDF
Cornel West
public 40 (2009): Screens Bhaskar Sarkar. Mourning the Nation: Indian Cinema in the Wake of Partition Details   PDF
Jonathan Owens
public 22-23 (2001): Cities/Scenes Biennialism in Montréal Details   PDF
Johanne Sloan
public 40 (2009): Screens Big Sounds, Little Screens: Considering Sound and Headphone Use in the Mobile Cinema Details   PDF
Tom Everrett
public 21 (2001): Childhood Blancmange with Almond Milk Details   PDF
Chantal Thomas
public 10 (1994): Love Blue Details   PDF
Derek Jarman
public 10 (1994): Love Blue Skies From Now On: Weather Motifs in Popular Song Details   PDF
Jody Berland
public 24 (2002): Being on Time Blue, Slowly Details   PDF
Michel Pastoureau
public 37 (2008): Public? Bobok: From Somebody's Diary Details   PDF
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
public 29 (2004): New Localities Bollywood/Toronto: Transational Spectatorship Details   PDF
Brenda Longfellow
public 37 (2008): Public? Bringing Bataille to Justice Details   PDF
Gad Horowitz
public 18 (1999): Light Building Sight: Claude-Nicholas Ledoux's Coup d'oeil du théàtre de Basançon Details   PDF
Rodolphe el-Khoury
public 10 (1994): Love Butch/Femme and Drag: Queerness in Forbidden Love and Lip Gloss Details   PDF
Katherine Adrienne Setzer
public 34 (2006): d:\personal Buttons: A Blind Camera Details   PDF
Sascha Pohflepp
public 2 (1989): The Lunatic of One Idea By the Lake: The Lunatic of One Idea Details   PDF
William Wood
public 19 (2000): Lexicon 20th Cetury AD Vol 1 C Abstract   PDF
Christine Davis
public 27 (2003): Shop CHUKY Details   PDF
Alberto Gomez
public 42 (2010): Traces Can Names Implicate Us? The memorial-art of Rebecca Belmore and Janis Cole Details   PDF
Angela Failler
public 28 (2003): Satan Oscillates my Metallic Sonatas Canada's Daughter Details   PDF
Althea Thauberger
public 10 (1994): Love Casanova and the Revolution Details   PDF
Chantal Thomas
public 18 (1999): Light Catatstrophic Light: Transparency, Invisibility, and Atomic Representation Details   PDF
Akira Mizuta Lippit
public 32 (2005): Urban Interventions Chinatown in the Ether Details   PDF
An Te Liu
public 40 (2009): Screens Cinema in Search of the Public in Cuba: A Translation of "En Cuba el cine busca al publico" published in Cine Cubano 13 (1963) Details   PDF
Sarah Larsen (trans.), Susan Lord (trans.)
public 40 (2009): Screens Cinema in Your Hand, Cinema on the Street: The Aesthetics of Korean Cinema Details   PDF
HyeRyoung Ok
public 29 (2004): New Localities Cinema, or an Art of Urban Memory in an Age of Forgetting Details   PDF
Fuyuki Kurasawa
public 24 (2002): Being on Time City as Classrooms [excerpts] Details   PDF
Marshall McLuhan, Kathryn Hutchon, Eric McLuhan
public 36 (2007): Emergency Civilization: Ongoing Holocausts Details   PDF
Derrick Jensen
public 39 (2009): New Communities Collaborations; On Collaboration, Agency and Contemporary Art Details   PDF
Maria Lind
public 39 (2009): New Communities Communities Between Culture-by-Mouth and Culture-by-Media Details   PDF
Luis Jacob
public 39 (2009): New Communities Complaining Communities: Complaints Choirs Worldwide Details   PDF
Saara Liinamaa
public 9 (1994): Reading our Rights Constituting Modernity: The Epic Horizons of Constitutional Narratives Details   PDF
Jerald Zaslove
Public 8 (1993): The Ethics of Enactment Contours of Naming: The Identity Card Project and the Tower of Faces at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Details   PDF
Andrea Liss
public 3 (1990): Carnal Knowledge Contributors Details   PDF
public 36 (2007): Emergency Contributors Details   PDF
public 21 (2001): Childhood Contributors Details   PDF
public 24 (2002): Being on Time Contributors Details   PDF
public 27 (2003): Shop Contributors Details   PDF
public 28 (2003): Satan Oscillates my Metallic Sonatas Contributors Details   PDF
public 32 (2005): Urban Interventions Contributors Details   PDF
public 34 (2006): d:\personal Contributors Details   PDF
Public 8 (1993): The Ethics of Enactment Contributors Details   PDF
public 25 (2002): Experimentalism Contributors Details   PDF
Public 16 (1997): Entangled Territories Contributors Details   PDF
public 37 (2008): Public? Contributors Details   PDF
public 17 (1998): Talk Contributors Details   PDF
public 18 (1999): Light Contributors Details   PDF
public 22-23 (2001): Cities/Scenes Contributors Details   PDF
public 29 (2004): New Localities Contributors Details   PDF
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