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public 41 (2010): Gardens Living Archives at the First Nations Garden, Montreal Details   PDF
Monika Kin Gagnon
public 10 (1994): Love Love Machines: Prostitue/Hysteric/Automaton Details   PDF
Susan Lord
public 10 (1994): Love Love Potions, Truth Serums Details   PDF
Paul Kelley
public 10 (1994): Love Love is the Law, the Passion of Revolt Details   PDF
Lachlan Brown
public 18 (1999): Light Luz y Memoria / The Illumination of Memory Details   PDF
Alberto Gomez
public 20 (2000): Lexicon 20th Century AD Vol 2 M Abstract   PDF
Christine Davis
public 34 (2006): d:\personal MASTABA: Family Digital Shrine Details   PDF
Daisuke Uriu, Takahiro Ogasawara, Naohito Shimizu
public 42 (2010): Traces Material Losses Details   PDF
Elke Grenzer
public 15 (1997): Icons and Idols Materialist Mutations of the Bilderverbot Details   PDF
Rebecca Comay
public 28 (2003): Satan Oscillates my Metallic Sonatas Maybe Osama bin Laden Makes Beautiful Art Details   PDF
Amy Pederson
public 40 (2009): Screens Media Facades Festival Berlin 2008: Media Architecture as a Type of Urban Screen--A New Exhibition Format Details   PDF
Mirjam Struppeck
public 37 (2008): Public? Mediating a Common Sense of Place: The Toronto Archives' "A Visual Legacy: The City of Toronto's Use of Photography, 1856-1997" Details   PDF
Ian Robinson
public 3 (1990): Carnal Knowledge Metapsychology of the Infant Body: Psychoanalytic Aesthetics Reconsidered Details   PDF
Charles Levin
public 32 (2005): Urban Interventions Metropolitan Chords and Discords Details   PDF
Vera Frenkel
public 27 (2003): Shop Millenial Spurn Details   PDF
Tom Sherman
Public 16 (1997): Entangled Territories Miraculous Beginnings Details   PDF
Walid Ra'ad
public 3 (1990): Carnal Knowledge Misogynist Masquerade Details   PDF
Abigail Solomon-Godeau
public 40 (2009): Screens Mobile Cinemas in Cuba: The Forms and Ideology of Traveling Exhibitions Details   PDF
Tamara Falicov
public 40 (2009): Screens Mobility in the Cinema Details   PDF
Tamara L. Falicov (edited by)
Public 14 (1996): Quebec Montréal By Night Details   PDF
Robert Schwartzwald
public 37 (2008): Public? Movie Theatres for a World in Progressive Dissolution Details   PDF
Gabriel Menotti
public 36 (2007): Emergency Mr. Gupta and the Madam From Canada Details   PDF
P.K. Bassi
public 27 (2003): Shop My Brother Details   PDF
Jamaica Kincaid
public 39 (2009): New Communities Mystical Anarchism Details   PDF
Simon Critchley
public 40 (2009): Screens Mérida T'Ho_MX: Exploring Locative Media in a Latino Territory Details   PDF
Raul Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet
public 20 (2000): Lexicon 20th Century AD Vol 2 N Abstract   PDF
Christine Davis
Public 26 (2002): Nature Naturally, the weather: On complexity, philosophy, and world systems Details   PDF
Peter Trnka
public 39 (2009): New Communities New Communities Details   PDF
Nina Möntmann
public 25 (2002): Experimentalism Notes on my Emigration Details   PDF
Steve Reinke
public 20 (2000): Lexicon 20th Century AD Vol 2 O Abstract   PDF
Christine Davis
public 40 (2009): Screens Of Bicycles and FIlms: The Case of the CineCycle Details   PDF
Janine Marchessault
public 33 (2006): Errata Of (Mishaps) Miracles Details   PDF
Andrew Payne
public 32 (2005): Urban Interventions Of Treasures and Trash: BookCrossing, Mark Dion's Tate Thames Dig and the (lost) objects of urban intervention Details   PDF
Saara Liinamaa
public 28 (2003): Satan Oscillates my Metallic Sonatas Offensive Details   PDF
William Wood
public 33 (2006): Errata On Chance and Contingency Details   PDF
Harry Collins, Trevor Pinch
public 21 (2001): Childhood On Childhood, Wildness, and Freedom Details   PDF
Adriana S. Benzaquén
public 17 (1998): Talk On Talking To Oneself Details   PDF
William H. Gass
public 29 (2004): New Localities On being Shallow: A Rather Breathless Theoritical Mashup Details   PDF
Dominic Pettman
public 37 (2008): Public? On the Death of Politics Details   PDF
Vilém Flusser
public 24 (2002): Being on Time On the Difficulty of Our Education from the Vantage of Child psychoanalysis and its Time of Controversies Details   PDF
Deborah Britzman
public 37 (2008): Public? On the Poetics of Protest Details   PDF
Jason Rovito
public 33 (2006): Errata Once There Were Revolutions: Now There Are Only Surprises Details   PDF
Ian Hacking
public 10 (1994): Love Ophelia's Lament Details   PDF
Allen S. Weiss
Public 26 (2002): Nature Opinionated Natures: Toward a Green Public Culture Details   PDF
Catriona Sandilands
Public 16 (1997): Entangled Territories Order and Progress: Constructing the West in Contemporary Turkish Art Details   PDF
Joseph Boone
Public 14 (1996): Quebec Oui the People? Conflicting Visions of Self-Determination in Québec Details   PDF
Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond
Public 14 (1996): Quebec Outside Looking In Details   PDF
Charles Guilbert, Serge Murphy
public 20 (2000): Lexicon 20th Century AD Vol 2 P Abstract   PDF
Christine Davis
public 37 (2008): Public? PUBLIC History Details   PDF
Aimée Mitchell
public 41 (2010): Gardens Panda Gardens and Public Sex at the National Zoological Park Details   PDF
Lisa Uddin
public 2 (1989): The Lunatic of One Idea Panic Meditations Details   PDF
Arthur Kroker
public 36 (2007): Emergency Panic in the Mall Details   PDF
Riley Olstead
public 29 (2004): New Localities Phantom Images Details   PDF
Harun Farocki
public 33 (2006): Errata Philosophizing by Accident Details   PDF
Bernard Steigler
public 10 (1994): Love Picasso's Corrida Details   PDF
Allen S. Weiss
public 42 (2010): Traces Pieter Hugo at Yossi Mil Gallery Details   PDF
Charlene Lau
public 11 (1995): Throughput Place and Image Details   PDF
Alain Renaud
public 21 (2001): Childhood Poems Details   PDF
Amy Brenner
public 37 (2008): Public? Poems Details   PDF
Victor Fowler
public 25 (2002): Experimentalism Poetico-Political Audio Visions Details   PDF
Sandra Lischi (trans. Duru H.M. Eldahudy)
Public 14 (1996): Quebec Post-Referndum Positions: A Dossier Details   PDF
Will Straw
Public 26 (2002): Nature Poème vocabulaire scientifique (2)/Index alphabétique; Ordre/désordre; Hommage à l' "accident"; À propos de sobre; Se Souvenir; Poème; Tableau noir...; Sans titre; VLF; Interpret In English; Untitled (to Don Judd); Plus, minues (to Mondrian); Une autre appoche de l'infini Details   PDF
Bernar Venet
public 3 (1990): Carnal Knowledge Preface Details   PDF
public 2 (1989): The Lunatic of One Idea Preface Details   PDF
public 22-23 (2001): Cities/Scenes Preface Details   PDF
Janine Marchessault, Will Straw
public 10 (1994): Love Preface to Love Details   PDF
Janine Marchessault, Christine Davis
public 18 (1999): Light Procedures for Measuring the Weight of Light Details   PDF
Paul Kelley
public 41 (2010): Gardens Public Art: The Kitsch and the Subtle Details   PDF
R. M. Pope
Public 8 (1993): The Ethics of Enactment Public "Privates" and the Gynecological Image Details   PDF
Terri Kapsalis
public 39 (2009): New Communities Public Privations Details   PDF
Rags Media Collective
public 20 (2000): Lexicon 20th Century AD Vol 2 Q Abstract   PDF
Christine Davis
public 42 (2010): Traces Quaking Details   PDF
Ian Balfour
public 20 (2000): Lexicon 20th Century AD Vol 2 R Abstract   PDF
Christine Davis
public 3 (1990): Carnal Knowledge Reading After the (Writing) Fact Details   PDF
Lola Lemire Tostevin
public 9 (1994): Reading our Rights Reading Our Rights Details   PDF
Andrew Payne
public 25 (2002): Experimentalism Ready Access Details   PDF
Jan Peacock
public 37 (2008): Public? Rethinking Public Art: A Kantian Critique Details   PDF
Nina Pearlman
public 36 (2007): Emergency Revisiting Critical Theory in the Post-September 11 World: Identity, Security and Democratic Governance Details   PDF
E. Fuat Keyman
public 30 (2004): Eating Things Rice Imperialism: The Agribusiness Threat to Third World Rice Production Details   PDF
Matthew Clement
Public 8 (1993): The Ethics of Enactment Rosa de Lima and the Tropes of Sanctity Details   PDF
Frank Graziano
public 20 (2000): Lexicon 20th Century AD Vol 2 S Abstract   PDF
Christine Davis
public 28 (2003): Satan Oscillates my Metallic Sonatas Saddam's Arms Details   PDF
Marina Roy
public 25 (2002): Experimentalism Saxophone Countering Trumpet in Relation to Tulips Details   PDF
Andrew J. Paterson
public 22-23 (2001): Cities/Scenes Scenes Details   PDF
Alan Blum
public 22-23 (2001): Cities/Scenes Scenes and Sensibilities Details   PDF
Will Straw
public 40 (2009): Screens Screening Rooms: The Movie Theatre in/and the Gallery Details   PDF
Erika Balsom
public 36 (2007): Emergency Sea Turtles Details   PDF
YWF-KIDO Foundation
public 37 (2008): Public? Secrets of Sabotage: The State of Sabotage Manifesto Details   PDF
Robert Jelinek
public 22-23 (2001): Cities/Scenes Setting the Stage for a New Germany: Architecture and the Scene of Berlin Details   PDF
Elke Grenzer
public 27 (2003): Shop Shoes from the Pavement Details   PDF
Berry Bickle
Public 26 (2002): Nature Sign of a New Park Details   PDF
Jody Berland, Bob Hanke
public 29 (2004): New Localities Singapore, Variability, and the Exhaustion of the Local Details   PDF
Alex Ferentzy
Public 14 (1996): Quebec Singular Universalities: Quebec articulations of le culturel Details   PDF
Martin Allor, Michelle Gagnon
public 40 (2009): Screens Site-Specific Screening and the Projection of Archives: Robert LePage's Le Moulin à images Details   PDF
Bruno Lessard
public 11 (1995): Throughput Situating Cyberspace Details   PDF
Dale Bradley
public 42 (2010): Traces Skin Fruit: Selections from the Dakis Joannu Collection Details   PDF
Jenny Florence
public 33 (2006): Errata Skunk Motel Details   PDF
Robert Fones
public 18 (1999): Light Somet Thoughts on Light Details   PDF
public 25 (2002): Experimentalism Something Always Seems to Go Wrong Somewhere Details   PDF
John Greyson
public 9 (1994): Reading our Rights Sovereign Identities and the Politics of Forgetting Details   PDF
R.B.J. Walker
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